4 Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

4 Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss has become one of the most occurring health concerns in recent times. People irrespective of their age are becoming victims of the hair loss problem. It can be due to genetics, the environment, the food we eat or the level of pollution we live in. But we all agree that hair loss and baldness affect the confidence of a person very badly. So it is important to try and recover from the hair loss permanently. Here is the solution, capillary FUE hair transplant.


Capillary FUE hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction, which is one of the best hair transplanting techniques available right now. It removes hair follicles from the hair-dense area of your head and plants in the thinner area. This can make sure the hair transplant becomes permanent.


Now that you know what exactly a capillary FUE hair transplant is, you must be wondering why we are recommending this technique.


Benefits of Capillary FUE hair transplant:


  1. Option to Choose the hair graft:

In this technique, you can choose the stronger and denser hair follicle/graft from the donor area of the head. This will make sure that you get more yield per graft in the thinner area. In comparison to other hair transplanting techniques available, the FUE technique helps in removing the chosen graft without damaging the surrounding follicles. If you choose an experienced surgeon for your transplant, you can get 33% more yield per follicle. For getting specialized surgeons who can make sure you get a real hair transplant, you can consider enhanced med clinics.


  1. Long-lasting and natural outcome:

During the FUE technique, as the hair follicles spend less time outside the body, hence they do not age quickly. Also as this technique is minimally invasive and leaves no scars and pain on the scalp, so it produces long-lasting results. Due to the late ageing of the follicles, the hair looks almost natural and nobody can guess that you have transplanted your hair.


  1. Quick recovery technique:

Other hair transplant techniques available right now take almost two weeks to recover whereas the capillary FUE hair transplant technique takes less than a few days to completely recover. In addition to this, you can even go to work on the day after your surgery. This gives a lot of flexibility to the people who want to get it done but don’t have time.


  1. No pain and No scars:

The most important benefit of the FUE technique is that it leaves no scar and no linear strip mark on our heads. Also, it does not give any kind of pain or numbness to your scalp. Rather gives you a nat natural-looking hair in the thinner part of your head which boosts your confidence.



Getting a hair transplant done takes a lot of courage. But when you know the benefits of doing this with the right technique, it becomes easier. To make your hair transplant process even more easier and successful, you must consider enhanced med clinics because of their specialized and experienced surgeons who will make sure you get a painless treatment with dense and natural-looking hair as the result.

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