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In a mega-session, the entire procedure, which consists of the harvesting of hair follicles from the donor site at the back of the patient’s scalp and the placement of the harvested follicles in the recipient site on the patient’s scalp, is completed in a single session that lasts for several hours. Mega sessions are typically reserved for patients who have a significant amount of hair loss. Considering the patient’s degree of comfort and any preexisting medical issues, many sessions could be the most appropriate course of treatment for certain people.


Hair transplant technique:

Hair Transplantation Using Follicular Unit Extraction in Chennai

In this technique, a narrow strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp, which is often a region with healthy hair development. The grafts are then separated once removed, collected, and cultured in a Petri plate with physiological saline. After the recipient region has been prepared using dermabrasion, the grafts are put into the prepared recipient area. It is recommended that the patient return in two weeks so that the sutures may be removed. The angles of the hair development are taken note of, and little incisions are provided one at a time in these directions. After this, delicate, sharp dissection guarantees that almost one hundred per cent of the grafts survive on both sides. This makes it possible to harvest a higher number of grafts and to keep some of the grafts on the donor region, which results in an almost undetectable scar.



Strip grafting is more affordable, involves fewer sessions, results in more follicular units, and eliminates the possibility of hidden grafts.


Hair Restoration with Follicular Unit Extraction in Chennai

Under local anaesthetic, this technique removes individual Follicular Units, each containing between one and four hairs. The follicular is extracted using a specialized instrument. On the rear of the scalp, there is no incision at all. After dermabrading the recipient region of the scalp, the separated follicular units are inserted at the recipient area like that of FUt.



It is appropriate for both men and women and treats hair loss in various regions of the skin, including the beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes, among other locations.


Key Areas That Are Appropriate For FUE

Hairline designs for the front of the head/baldness in the front, and the transplantation of eyelashes and eyebrows. Because these grafts are smaller than the ones retrieved via the strip method, FUE is the technique of choice because it allows for a greater number of follicles to be inserted into each graft, resulting in a density almost identical to that of natural hair. The best possible results may be obtained by combining FUE and FUT in a single session. During this procedure, FUE will be performed on the frontal portion of the scalp, and FUT will be performed on the remaining areas of the scalp. This combined approach produces a very natural hairline design with the proper amount of density in the front and greater coverage for the remainder of the scalp as a whole as a consequence of its application. In addition, we can do lengthy hair transplants using the method described above. This allows the individual to experience the impact of complete growth before the loss of existing hair and the beginning of the development of new hair.


Hair transplant surgery with robots in Bangalore and Mumbai by the Enhanced Med Clinics

An FUE hair transplant in Chennai has been advanced into a robotic hair transplant in recent years. The attending physician will work alongside the surgical robot during this treatment to carry out the surgery.


What are the benefits of getting a hair transplant with a robotic system?

  • The use of robotic hair transplant equipment makes it possible to collect hair grafts at a quicker phase than a surgeon can achieve.
  • The robotic hair transplant will not result in the formation of any scars, nor will it need sutures.
  • Robotic hair transplantation resulted in faster hair regeneration and a greater survival rate while the hair is harvested.
  • Image-guided technology is used in robotic hair transplants, which helps preserve the precision of follicle harvesting.
  • When compared to hair transplantation performed by humans, robotic hair transplantation allows for a faster recovery period.


The following are the prices for hair transplants in Bangalore:

These three factors often determine the cost of a hair transplant.

  1. The minimum number of follicles that must be transplanted
  2. Hair transplant procedure Hair transplants using FUT, FUE, and robotic technology
  3. Donor area


The cost of a hair transplant per graft, depending on the donor’s location and method. Enhanced Med Clinics is now providing a selection of bundles that combine hair transplant surgery with other procedures such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, scalp micropigmentation, and hair fixing.


In order to get a quote for hair transplantation, please go to the hairline clinic branch closest to you in Bangalore or Mumbai and seek a consultation with a senior hair transplant surgeon there. If you cannot visit the unit, please send us the photographs through WhatsApp to estimate the hair transplant cost. An option for financing without interest is now available for all hair treatments via Enhanced Med Clinics. It is one of the top hair transplant clinics in Delhi and Mumbai, and it offers hair transplants at a cheap cost and has a high success rate.