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Hair transplantation is a painless, safe treatment that repairs and develops hair naturally. It is an excellent therapy for both men and women that provides a long-term solution to baldness.


Hair transplantation is a process in which hair is extracted from the back of the scalp (the “donor” area) and transplanted to bald or balding portions of the scalp (the “recipient” area). The transplanted hair has the same colour and quality as the donor’s. FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) are the two forms of transplantation (Follicular unit transplantation by strip technique).


The procedure is conducted in a well-equipped sophisticated Operation Theater at Enhanced Med Clinics by recognised in-house physicians. The surgery is a day-care technique that produces cosmetically pleasing outcomes. This distinguishes us as the top hair transplant centre in Bangalore. Aside from scalp baldness transplantation (FUE/FUT), we also provide brow, moustache, beard, and scar rebuilding.


The FUE Technique

FUE is becoming increasingly common in the current transplantation period. It is a day-care, less intrusive operation that produces no linear scar and requires little recovery time. To achieve a realistic appearance, each clump of hair (Follicular units) is removed using steel punches (0.7 – 0.9 mm in size) and implanted on the bare scalp at a certain angle.


Technique highlights include:

  • Artistic and delicate surgery.
  • There are no sutures or linear scars at the donor location.
  • It causes less pain and downtime.
  • It takes a good team.
  • The whole treatment is a day-care surgery, with a hospital stay of 8 to 10 hours.

The surgery is performed by top fue hair transplant surgeons in india. Patients may feel the first anaesthetic injection prick, but there will be no discomfort, and the patient will remain aware during the process. Determine the number of transplants needed depending on the baldness region and donor supply. If this is insufficient, we may extract hair from the body and beard area, known as body hair transplantation.

Following anaesthesia, the safe region to be harvested is defined, and grafts are harvested more accurately using a right punch.

The harvested grafts are promptly placed into the bald region.


Important – You should be aware of this. Medicines effectively treat post-surgery pain.

The surgery is also free of infection since it is performed in a sterile operating room under aseptic conditions. Because a local anaesthetic is given, some patients may have forehead swelling after three days, which should resolve within a week.

Follow-ups would be on day 3 for a head wash and on day 10 to begin normal medications, with PRP procedures every 3-6 weeks afterwards. All patients undergoing hair transplant doctor clinic in Delhi get six free PRP treatments. Patients must maintain medical therapy even after transplantation to preserve the remaining hair on the scalp; transplanted hair does not need treatment after 6 months.


The Best Hair Transplant Hospital in Bangalore

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to cure hair loss in any body part. Male pattern baldness is routinely treated with it. We provide the best hair transplant surgery in Bangalore at Enhanced Med Clinics. Enhanced Med Clinics is the best alternative for hair transplants in Bangalore since we strive to deliver effective and excellent outcomes. Enhanced Med Clinics offers treatments for hair loss, scalp micropigmentation, hair regeneration and hair management, low-level laser therapy, and low-level laser therapy.

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