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Explain Advanced Hair Transplantation Techniques

When you see yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning, day after day, it’s easy to become oblivious to changes like thinning hair around the temples or a receding hairline. Most of the time, you might not even notice these subtle shifts, but if you happen to catch a glimpse of a clump of your hair on your pillow or in your bed, you might just snap out of your slumber. Loss of hair is disheartening not just for women, but also for men.


Humanity is defined by evolution and development, which occur over time as people change and technology advances. Hair transplantation progress has been glacially slow compared to decades ago when the procedure was still in its infancy. Recent events, however, best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi

have paved the way for success.


It is fantastic news for hair loss patients who may benefit from pleasant hair growth even after going bald. Even if you’ve already gone bald, hair transplants give you a second chance to show off your hair the way you want.


Hair transplant surgery

A hair transplant done by the best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi is a minimally invasive treatment completed in one session, with additional sessions as needed, such as in cases of significant baldness or future progressive hair loss. The entire process is comprised of several steps, including:


Hairs are cut or shaved depending on the hair transplant procedure chosen.

Local anaesthesia is administered to the donor and recipient areas.

Follicular units are extracted from the donor site and are made up of follicular grafts and a fair number of surrounding tissues. FUE and FUT hair transplants are the two methods for harvesting grafts.

Slitting is done to prepare the recipient location with the hairline design in mind. Hair follicles are transplanted into slits prepared at the recipient site.


Instructions for aftercare are provided.

To ensure that risks and problems are eliminated, the hair transplant clinic adheres to strict safety and hygienic procedures. The best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi performs each procedure under close loop magnification to protect the hair transplants and improve the natural results. Because of his exceptional surgical abilities and remarkable aesthetic vision, he is one of India’s best plastic surgeons for hair transplants. The good news continues with India’s low hair transplant cost only with the best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi.



Hair transplant surgery and its advancements:

The best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi uses a more modern strategy and creative technique to make local anaesthesia administration less uncomfortable for patients at the donor and recipient sites. They have developed a combination of anaesthetic drugs that must only be administered once during treatment, eliminating the need for additional injections. While anaesthesia is in effect, the maximum time required for a hair transplant using any technique is 9 to 12 hours.


Hair transplant procedure advancements:

Closure by trichophytes: The only disadvantage of this method was post-healing scarring at the donor site. However, we can benefit from this remarkable surgery with virtually undetectable scarring thanks to recent advancements. Trichophytic closure is a more recent suturing technique that leaves virtually invisible scars.


Early implantation and rapid harvesting: In the traditional FUE procedure, follicular grafts are extracted from the tissues beneath the scalp with a punch-like instrument. The pulled grafts contain follicular grafts as well as sufficient supporting tissues. Only the tissues on each side of the extra tissue are removed, not the tissues beneath the follicle. After the recipient site has been prepared, these follicular units are implanted at some point. The practice of removing follicles and increasing out-of-body time may harm the follicle and, as a result, have a negative impact on the longevity of results.


In a quick harvest and early implantation procedure, the recipient site is prepped before graft harvesting, and the grafts are implanted right away to minimize out-of-body time. The transfer takes approximately 30 minutes.


The FUT procedure done by the best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi has an advantage over the other two methods because, after strip harvesting, each graft is separated from the rest of the graft and is not yanked out, reducing the risk of graft damage. The surrounding tissues are adequate, providing the follicles with the environment and support they require despite spending more time outside the body. The graft survival rate outside of the scalp is typically 8 to 9 hours when using the FUT procedure, which is quite high.


Because handling the follicles or roots during implantation risks damaging the grafts, a more recent technique that avoids touching the roots was developed. Utilizing a tool known as “keep implanters,” this process is completed successfully.



  • The high survival rate of up to 100%
  • Getting thicker grafts
  • The least amount of handling-related graft damage


FUT/FUE combination technique: In cases of severe baldness, an advanced hair transplant procedure that combines FUT and FUE can be very beneficial.


The best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi has provided satisfying care to hundreds of patients using his expertise in this method. It is possible to harvest over 4000 grafts with this procedure, which is not possible with any other method. As a result, this strategy allows for maximum coverage in a single session. Even though many follicular grafts are harvested, this method allows for the retention of grafts for subsequent sittings.


Combination Technique for FUT+FUE+BHT (Beard Hair Transplant):

The best hair transplant surgeon clinic in delhi has created a revolutionary method that combines FUT and FUE with beard hair extraction or harvesting. This most recent method can successfully increase the coverage of the bald area.

Previously, scarring was a limitation of beard hair extraction. Still, best hair transplant clinic in delhi now effectively extracts beard hair from the “shadow region” below the chin using a 0.75 mm punch, eliminating the possibility of scarring.


The field of hair transplants is rapidly evolving, which increases the procedure’s value. What exactly are you waiting for? If you are experiencing hair loss and are looking for a solution, a hair transplant is unquestionably a successful and long-term option.