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Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

”Body hair Transplant is a hair transplant technique in which hair roots are extracted from body areas other than scalp and implanted on bald area of the scalp.”

BHT (Body Hair Transplant) is done using the same FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, so it is also known as No stitch technique.

BHT can be used to the beard, chest, back, abdomen, legs, and arms. BHT is performed on severely balding patients who have very little or extremely thin hair on the back of their scalp. Thus, even people with severe (Type VI and VII) hair loss can have hope thanks to this method.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Any hair transplant procedure typically uses the scalp’s backside hair for the transplant. However, patients frequently lack a suitable donor area for the job. In these circumstances, body hair can be used, such as a beard transplant to the head. Some individuals refer to this as a “beard and chest hair transplant,” but what it really means is that the donor location is the beard or chest. Although there will always be some texture and thickness differences between hair removed from different places, in many situations, such as:

1. Limited donor area on the scalp (Grade VII patients) looking for covering the complete area.

2. Sometimes Patient wants higher density but it’s very difficult because of the limitation of grafts that can be extracted from the scalp in one sitting.

3. Some cases like burn scar or scar of previous strip surgery etc.

4. Body can also be used as donor farming, means implant them in the scalp donor area.

The hair is used from Beard, Abdomen, Legs, Arms, Underarm. Body hair transplant is done through an FUE procedure that leaves no linear scar at the end of the surgery. Beard is very good, and as they are thick and Curley they give more visual density, and they are implanted along with scalp hair follicles.

Benefits of body hair transplant

Because they are not genetically prone to DHT like some of the scalp hairs in MPB, body hair transplants (BHT) have the main advantage of potentially becoming donor hair (Male Pattern Baldness).

People who have severe baldness and have given up hope after receiving subpar results with the wrong hair transplant technique may benefit. No stitches are used, and there is no excruciating discomfort.

Who Can Go For BHT ( Body Hair Transplant )?

Any patient who wants a large number of hairs on the scalp, poor donor area, has undergone repeated hair transplants, or have caught some kind of alopecia can go for a body hair transplant.

Limitation of BHT

The BHT procedure can only be used on patients with healthy body hair.
The only technique acceptable for collecting body hair is FUE. Body hair extraction requires a unique technique and knowledge because they are thinner and shorter in length.
BHT is a blind approach for harvesting follicles, therefore depending on the surgeon’s skill level, there may be a potential of follicle damage.
After the removal of follicles that are not visible, BHT leaves behind several little circular scars.