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Let’s start by talking about what a hair transplant (HT) is. In HT, healthy hair follicles are taken from the donor site, which is usually the back of the head, and put in the balding area called the recipient site. Due to improvements in the HT procedure, the grafted hair grows in the same direction as the patient’s natural hair. This makes it look almost like the patient’s own hair.


With a hair transplant, baldness and hair loss can be fixed in two main ways: FUE and FUT. At our capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India, we can use both of these ways to transplant hair.


During a Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, hair transplant, a micro punch tool is used to remove individual hair follicles. These hair follicles are then put in the balding area. Unlike FUT, FUE doesn’t leave scars you can see, even if your hair is short. It also helps you get a more natural look.


Why Should You Go with FUE Hair Transplant?

Both men and women can get stressed out by hair loss, which can be caused by age, genes, medications, alopecia, etc. So hair transplants are a good choice for people who are losing a lot of hair.

During a hair transplant, hair grafts (each of which has one to three hair follicles) are taken from a part of the head (usually the back of the head) with permanent and strong hair grafts and placed on the bald area.


Hair transplants come in two forms: FUE and FUT. FUT is an old way to do things. Here, a strip of skin is cut from the back of the head, and hair grafts or follicles are taken from the strip and put on the bald spot. On the back of the head, it leaves a big scar.


FUE is the safest and best hair transplant method used at capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India, Enhance med clinic because the scars are small, spread out, and quickly heal. Our hair transplant surgeons will devise a plan to move the follicles that match how your hair grows naturally.


The FUE Hair Transplant Method

The hair transplant doctor at the capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India will tell you everything you need about the procedure. Before starting the surgery, you can talk it over with the surgeon and ask them any questions.


After looking at your head, our surgeon will do what needs to be done to prepare for the surgery. They will show you where the transplant will happen.


During the preparation, the head area where the hair follicles will be taken is washed and shaved. The name for this area is “donor area.”


Step 1: Local anesthetic. Lidocaine and anesthetic are put on the back of the neck. This numbs the hair roots and makes the pain less severe. During the harvesting step, you won’t feel almost anything at all.


Step 2: Harvesting. The surgeon at the capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India will use a micro punch tool to remove each hair follicle from your skin. Then, they will use a needle or other small, sharp tool to make a series of tiny cuts where they will put the follicles taken out. The healthy follicles will be taken and stored in a Hypothermosol FRS solution. This step takes between two and four hours.


Step 3: Counting: These hair follicles will be added up.


Step 4: The surgeon makes a series of tiny cuts, the number of which depends on how many hair follicles were taken. In this step, your hair will look like it did before you did anything to it. This step takes about 45 minutes to an hour and a half.


Step 5: An incision needle made just for the patient will be used. Tiny cuts will be made where the hair follicles will be put in. This step takes about two or three hours.


How many times do you have to go in for a hair transplant?

FUE takes a long time because it has to be done perfectly and accurately, especially when putting the grafts in place. As the patient at The capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India is put to sleep, there is a limit to how many grafts can be transplanted in one session.


Between 2500 and 3000 hair grafts can be put in in the first session. This takes between 7 and 8 hours. If you need more than 3000 grafts, it might take the surgeon two or three sessions.


After the FUE procedure, you should do the following:

  • Cover your head with a cap that the doctor gives you.
  • Also, wear a loose hat while you’re getting better.
  • Do exactly what the doctor tells you to do.
  • Don’t do the heavy lifting, play contact sports, or have sexual relations.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight for the first month after surgery.


How long does it take for the hair to grow back after FUE?

The hair that was transplanted at capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India

will fall out in the first three weeks. The hair follicle that was transplanted will go into a state called “sleep mode,” which means it won’t make hair for a while.


After 3 to 4 months, 10 to 20% of the transplanted hair has grown back. In the next 6 months, you can see about 50% of the new hair growth. In 8 to 9 months, 80% of the results can be seen. After 9 to 12 months, you can see the hair transplant’s full, 100% results.


How much does it cost to get an FUE hair transplant?

At Enhance med clinic, capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India each hair graft costs between Rs. 25 and Rs.50.


Things that affect how much an FUE hair transplant will cost:

The number of grafts needed: The price will depend on how many are needed. For example, it would cost more to cover the whole scalp than just a small part.

Grade of baldness means how quickly hair loss is getting worse. For example, a hair transplant is not recommended in the first stage of baldness but is recommended after the second stage.

Hair transplant technique used: The cost will depend on the method used. Costs will also go up if the most recent technology is used.


The FUE method has these benefits:

  • No visible scarring
  • A short time to get better
  • Get a natural look even with short hair.
  • So you can do normal things without too much pain.
  • Only the first few days of healing take 4–5 days.



What are the pros of Enhance med clinic FUE Hair Transplant method?

  • We used the most accurate Cole’s instrument and surrounded 0.75-0.85 mm punches to ensure the fewest transaction rates (3%) and the fewest wasted grafts.
  • The capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India surgical method involves putting the grafts right where they were taken from. So that the organ spends the least amount of time outside the body and almost all of the grafts survive.
  • The capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India use the best magnification system available from Carl Zeiss (Germany) & Heine, 4X and 5X loupes.
  • Grafts are taken from the donor area with punches that are 0.7 mm to 0.8 mm in size. The donor area will heal faster if the hole is smaller.
  • Mega sessions and Giga sessions are regularly performed in a single day sitting at capillary fue hair transplant clinic in India.
  • Surgeons with a lot of experience remove the grafts, so there is a very low transection rate.
  • The body and beard area can harvest in the same sitting if the donor area of the scalp is limited.
  • The packing of the recipient area was very good (up to 50 to 60 grafts per cm2).
  • FUE combined with (Bio Stimulated FUE) (Bio Stimulated FUE).