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What is Beard & Moustache Hair Transplant?

Beard growth relocate is a strategy by and large finished on the ones who experience the ill effects of inconsistent or sketchy loss of hair from goatee, different pieces of the facial hair, sideburns or mustache. The shortfall of hair could be inherited or because of careful scars, consumes or different kinds of mishaps. For certain guys, keeping a thick facial hair growth or mustache is an image of masculinity and strength, while for others it is obligatory necessity in their religion. Besides, it is likewise a style explanation among numerous young fellows.

The facial hair and mustache relocate is more precarious and specialized as course and point of hair changes in various areas of facial hair and mustaches. Thus it requires greater experience and meticulous planning by the surgeon to understand the natural pattern and has to be customised accordingly. Generally the careful strides of relocate basically continue as before as in FUE hair relocate.

At Quality, each facial hair and mustache relocate is strengthened with power stuffed development factors as PRP treatment for quicker, denser and more regular outcomes. First randomized study from India for logical proof of PRP treatment with hair relocate was distributed from Quality itself.


Treatment Procedure

We utilize similar FUE method what we use in hair transplantation over the scalp. The unions are separated from the contributor site – back of the scalp. After this, these separated unions are relocated on the sketchy uncovered parts of the facial hair or mustache. Because of the bountiful measure of hair from the giver site, practically every one of the patches can be shrouded and treated in a solitary sitting. In this way, facial hair or mustache transplantation for the most part gives exceptionally fulfilling results. The relocated hair develop normally like other beard growth and can be managed or shaved.