Top 5 Tips for Making Sure a Hair Transplant Goes Well

Top 5 Tips for Making Sure a Hair Transplant Goes Well


  1. Hair transplant diagnosis and planning


The first step toward a successful treatment or diagnosis is to determine the real cause. In the same way, figuring out the exact cause and pattern of hair loss is a very important step in a hair transplant. This lets the surgeon cover the transplanted areas evenly and place the grafts in a way that makes the hairline look natural.


Everyone loses hair for different reasons, and each person’s hair falls out or grows back differently. A hair transplant in India is always more likely to work if it is planned well after a proper diagnosis. When the hairline transplant is well-planned, it can help choose the best method, which reduces the chance of scarring.


  1. Choosing a team with the right skills


Before moving forward with the diagnosis or treatment, you must choose the best group of doctors to work on the surgery. In hair transplant surgery, the surgeon works with hair follicles only a few hundredths of an inch long. So, the surgeon and their team’s skills and experience are also critical. When putting together the team of surgeons, you should think about the following:


One can look at the feedback and patient reviews to understand how the doctor deals with emergencies and severe conditions.

Before and after pictures of a hair transplant are a good way to judge how good the doctor and their team are.

One must find a good clinic with the most up-to-date technology and equipment. For best hair transplant results in India, visits enhanced med clinic.


At Enhanced med clinics, you can be sure that the best and most experienced and have the best hair transplant surgeons in India will give you the best hair care solution.


  1. Choose the right technique


Choosing the right and most advance hair transplant techniques is also important for a successful hair transplant.



  1. Make sure the graft can be stored for at least


It’s also essential to ensure that hair grafts are stored for as little time as possible between being taken out and put back in. Like any other organ transplant, hair grafts are tiny pieces of living tissue that must be stored and kept correctly.


Studies at the observatory show that the grafts can stay at room temperature for almost 5 hours before being put back in.


But, just like other organ transplants, hair transplant grafts can be kept at cold or sub-zero temperatures. Hypothermal, Viaspan, Wisconsin Solution, or chilled saline solution are the best ways to store things.


  1. Look after your hair.


When a hair transplant is successful, the grafted hair falls out within 2–3 weeks, the new hair grows back, and almost 60% of the new hair growth can be seen 6–9 months after the surgery. And for this, it is just as important to have a good hair transplant recovery. The surgeon will tell you how to care for your hair and health as you recover from hair transplant surgery.


Take the medicines your doctor gives you right away after surgery.

Follow the specialist’s advice about how to eat well and take care of your hair.


Take Away


Because cosmetic technology has come a long way, growing hair on a bald scalp is now possible. If you want your hair transplant to look natural and cover your scalp, you need to pay attention to a few key points. Every step of a hair transplant must be well planned and carried out for success. This includes figuring out why the hair is falling out, choosing the technique, and taking care of the hair after the transplant. So, a skilled and experienced surgeon and their team are very important.


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