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Throughout this procedure, various stages are taken. The major technique for hair transplant clinic in Africa is either fut or fue. The operation seeks to provide the individual with natural, permanent hair.



Best Hair Transplant techniques in Africa

One of the most researched things today is how to do hair transplants. Before we talk about how to do it, we need to talk about Enhanced Med Clinics, hair transplant clinic in Africa. In hair transplantation, hair follicles from healthy areas are moved to areas where there is hair loss or hair loss. It was designed and put on just for you. Checks are made on many factors, such as the quality of the person’s hair follicle, the reasons for hair loss, and their genes, and the procedure is done based on these factors. The surgery aims to give the person a natural, permanent hairy look that won’t be noticeable on the head.


During this process, different steps are taken. Hair transplants in Africa are done on the primary method, which is either fut or fue. The fut method and the fue method are both ways to get hair roots. Aside from these, methods like manual punch, DHI, robotic, hyperbatic, and sapphire hair transplantation are grouped by their tools and equipment. With the progress of modern medicine, surgeries can now be done that are natural, painless, and permanent. The person who needs to be treated should be looked at very carefully, and the best operation should be done on them.




The FUE method is used to transplant hair


In the last few years, it has become the most popular method. With the help of a micro motor or a hand punch, healthy hair follicles from the nape are taken one by one. The hair follicles are put in a unique solution and kept cold. After preparing the area to be transplanted for the procedure, hair follicles are placed there. It is the most popular method of hair transplantation because it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t take long. Most sessions last between 6 and 8 hours. Depending on how badly the area needs to be fixed, it can be used in one or more sessions.


Using DHI or sapphire pens, hair transplant clinic in Africa, the treatment is done on hair follicles that were taken from Fue hair transplantation. With DHI and sapphire pens, channels are made so that the hair follicles can hold on easily. Since the roots are pulled out one by one with the Fue method, there isn’t much damage to the area. It takes less time to get back to normal life. Since it can also be used on cuts and wounds when the person was young, it can help eliminate the problem. It’s easy for anyone, male or female, who meets the requirements to use it. Patients with long-term heart disease can have this procedure if their doctor gives them permission.


Fut Hair Transplantation Method


In the 2000s, the FUT method was the most common way to transplant hair. However, it has become less popular in the years since. The hair follicles and the top layer of skin between the ears are taken from the back of the head. The nurses clean the hair follicles in the layer of skin that was taken off and then move them to the area where they will be transplanted. After the surgery, the cut area is stitched back together. People don’t like it much because it takes a long time to heal and there are stitches. Because of this, it is becoming less and less useful as a hair transplant method.



Hair Transplant Prices


There are many different ways to do hair transplants, and the prices vary a lot. It depends on what method will be used on the patient, how many grafts will be done, and how many sessions will be needed. In one session, an average of 3000 hair follicles can be transplanted. Between 4 and 6 hours is the average length of the session. The procedure can be done in one or more sessions, depending on how bad the area to be treated is. Before a price is given, the patient should be carefully looked at. In this analysis, many factors are looked at, such as the structure of the hair, the size of the bald spots and what causes them, how many grafts are needed, which method is best for the patient, and the amount of hair in the area where the graft will be taken.


After all the research is done, the price of a hair transplant is set based on the procedure that will be done. When comparing prices, make sure a specialist doctor does the procedure. Make sure that this service comes from a clean health facility. People think of hair transplantation as a cosmetic procedure, but it is actually a surgery, and as with any surgery, there is a risk of infection. You can reach best hair transplant clinic in the world, Enhanced Med Clinics through our contact information if you want to get a service that is safe and good.

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