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What to Expect from Summer and Winter Hair Transplant Procedures


Enhanced med clinics, home to the industry’s top surgical talent, recommends scheduling your hair transplant procedure for the colder months. Many individuals with alopecia are intrigued about possible hair care treatments. Thus this is a common concern. However, hair transplants may be scheduled whenever the patient is ready. Not the time of year, but the patient’s social life is the biggest challenge when it comes to hair transplants.




Let’s assume a patient who receives hair transplant surgery in the summer is told to stay out of the sun, whether direct or indirect and to avoid swimming for the first ten days following the operation. However, we recommend that a winter transplant patient not wear any headwear, including a hat or cap, during the first few days after surgery. The time of year is not a major factor in determining whether or not a patient will undergo hair transplantation. On the other hand, the best time for a hair transplant operation is when the patient feels ready for the procedure and can handle the associated stress and disruption to their routine.



Several studies have shown spring and summer are the most popular times for hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants are popular in the summer since most people take time off their routines to relax and rejuvenate during the warm weather.


Summertime may seem like a good time for hair transplant surgery for several reasons, but what are the authorities saying on the matter?



Having hair transplant surgery with the most advance hair transplant techniques in the summer is not discouraged by experts. However, it is not a good time to go forward with these therapies. For the record, there is zero risk of a hair transplant failing. Nonetheless, several considerations must be made before beginning the rehabilitation of the hair follicles.


The most typical problem that might arise from getting a scalp treatment in the summer is that the healing process is slowed because of all the sweating. The patient should wash their scalp more often and refrain from activities that result in sweating to reduce their risk of developing issues from germs in sweat. The patient should also stay out of the sun since it slows the healing process of the scalp and should be avoided. Therefore, the summer is a good time for hair transplant surgery, from the best hair transplant in the world but patients still need to take all necessary precautions and follow their physicians’ orders.


Therefore, doctors from the best hair transplant in Canada recommend scheduling hair transplant surgery in the winter, when temperatures are lower and there is less sweat on the scalp. And if you’re willing to adjust your way of life, you may find the whole process simple. Patients should protect their scalps from the sun by staying inside, swimming, and always wearing a hat, even in the dead of winter.


Throughout your hair transplant procedure, from the best hair transplant in Canada, you will likely have expressed hundreds of questions and concerns, but ultimately, the choice is yours. How well you keep to a schedule also has a role.


Final Thoughts

The hair transplant procedure performed by the top hair transplant countries in the world is a tried and true means of restoring full, natural hair.


While fine-tuning cutting-edge technology to give first-rate services, Enhanced med clinics, best hair transplant in the world provides comprehensive care for hair loss. Enhanced med clinics employs only the most renowned and respected doctors in the field of hair transplantation to provide the highest quality of care for each patient.

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