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Hair Transplant Clinic in Bangalore

The hair transplant procedure is undoubtedly the most effective remedy for anyone suffering from the issue of hair loss, hao fall, receding hairline or any other problems. India is now the most popular destination for people from all over the world to opt for hair transplant procedures.

But at the same time, the expenditure necessary for hair transplantation can be quite expensive, especially in cities like Bangalore, which have some of the best centres or clinics for hair transplantation procedures. If not excessive, the cost for it has a vast range. But why is it so? Where does the hair transplant cost in Bangalore come from?

The quality of doctors available adds to the expenditure for Hair transplants clinic in Bangalore.

Mostly, the doctors available in Bangalore for the hair transplantation procedure, are some of the most skilled and experienced doctors. It is one of the main reasons why people from all over the world seek doctors from this country for hair transplant procedures. So, if the doctor who is offering the hair transplantation service is the best hair transplant doctor in Bangalore, it will definitely lead to an increase in expenses.

Equipment in the clinic for Hair transplant in Bangalore is a crucial factor.

The following factors about the equipment in the clinic for hair transplantation also add up to the cost of the procedure.

  • The pieces of equipment are highly advanced and updated
  • The number of equipment available is substantially large
  • The quality of equipment available is commendable
  • The variety of payment available is also commendable

All the above factors will readily make the expenditure for the hair transplantation procedure go up.

Quality of clinics for Hair transplant in Bangalore

Another essential factor that caters to the cost of hair transplantation procedures is the quality of the clinics from which one is availing themselves of the services. The best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore will have the best quality equipment for the procedure. It will also offer its service through some of the best and most highly skilled doctors and other professionals. And as a result of this, the price for hair transplants service from these clinics, known to be the best, will automatically make the prices for their services go high.

What is the type of procedure for Hair transplant in Bangalore?

There are different types of hair transplants available. Among the many processes, the two most common and popular ones are as follows-

  • FUT or follicular unit transplantation
  • FUE or follicular unit extraction

Depending on what type of hair transplant procedure one chooses also contributes to the cost of the hair transplantation procedure.

Other factors, such as the popularity of clinics, the amount of hair one needs to transplant, and the like, also add to the ultimate expenditure of the hair transplantation procedure cost. The higher the quality of services, the more the expense will avail oneself of it. Also, the more popular and reputed the clinic or the doctor is, generally, the more will be the estimated cost of the procedure from them.

Where Can I Find Affordable Service for Hair Transplant in Bangalore?

The hair transplant cost in Bangalore can be quite high. This happens because of many substantial reasons. The cost of hair transplantation services in India is the most ideal and sought in the entire globe. And in cities of the country, like Bangalore, the process can be pretty high for many reasons.

Reasons why finding affordable services for hair transplantation in Bangalore is difficult

Well, the following are the reasons why one finds it tough to get inexpensive hair transplantation services in Bangalore.

  • Availability of highly skilled doctors. The professionals available here are some of the best available in the entire globe, which automatically increases the price of hair transplantation.
  • Advanced clinics charge heavily for the services
  • The use of upgraded equipment also simultaneously requires more investments and, thus, causes the clinics to charge high prices for hair transplantation services.

Despite the various factors which increase the price for hair transplantation services, there are certain factors following which one can avail themselves of affordable services for hair transplantation in Bangalore.

Choosing the right technique for hair transplant in Bangalore

One of the many influential factors for the pricing of hair transplantation services is the technique or method of hair transplantation. The two most common hair transplantation techniques include-

  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Apart from these, there are many methods as well. Depending on how much one prefers to spend on the hair transplantation procedure, one can insult and choose the most affordable hair transplant technique.

Choosing the best clinic overall can help save Hair transplants in Bangalore.

Opting for the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore is also a way of ensuring to avail oneself of affordable hair transplantation services. However, here, certain factors are necessary.

  • Here, the aspect of being the best clinic is holistic in meaning.
  • It indicates that when a clinic can offer the best services at affordable prices, it successfully gains the reputation of being the best clinic for hair transplantation services.
  • Thus, the optimal services, but at the most reasonably affordable prices, the need here.

Choosing the best hair transplant doctor in Bangalore helps to be economical.

Here, too, the above criteria apply. A doctor can have immense expertise, experience and skills. But if their charge for their services is too high, it automatically repels many people who are unable to afford such expensive services.

In such instances, a doctor who offers an optimal quality of services with efficacy and reliability but charges affordably at the same time is one who is the best hair transplant doctor in Bangalore. And looking for such drivers can not just be economical but also will be highly beneficial for the quality of services, as these stores do not lower the quality of services because of charging affordably.

Other ways, such as choosing which area the replantation will take place, the area of transplantation, hair graft necessity and other factors, also can help in ensuring one the most affordable hair transplantation services.

How Much is the Cost of a Hair Transplant in Bangalore?

Hair transplantation is now one of the most sought remedies to tackle baldness, receding hairline or hair fall issues. India is where people from even outside the borders come to avail themselves of hair transplantation services from here. And in a city like Bangalore, hair transplantation services are of the optimal and most reliable quality.

One of the many questions individuals tend to ask when planning or seeking hair transplantation services is the cost of the procedure. The hair transplant cost in Bangalore depends on many factors. However, to offer an average sum, we can state that the average price for hair transplantation in India generally is ?57,633, and the maximum amount can be as much as ?2,65,000.

But why such a range? Well, as we just mentioned, there are certain factors that determine or influence the price of the hair transplantation procedure. The following discussion will offer the different factors that influence the price of hair transplantation procedures. So, let us begin the decision without further ado.

The following are the different factors that determine the cost of hair transplantation procedures.

Area of transplantation

  • But hair transplants can take place almost anywhere in the body as they deem necessary.
  • Based on the area of the transplantation, the cost of the procedure can vary.
  • Also, which part of the head requires translation also determines the cost of the procedure.

Number of grafts required influences the price

If the number and area of the graft required is more, then automatically, it will lead to the cost of hair transplantation becoming high because the equipment and resources necessary will be high. The lower the number of grafts necessary, the lower will be the cost.

The intensity of hair loss

  • The larger the intensity, the greater the price
  • The greater the extent of hair loss, the more will be the cost of hair transplantation.
  • A large area of hair transplantation along with a greater number of hair grafting follicles.

Choosing a reputed clinic determines price of the procedure

If the clinic has highly reputed doctors when the clinic itself is highly reputed, has been present for a long time and is the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore, it will undoubtedly cost comparatively more than any other less reputed clinic for hair transplantation.

Type of hair transplantation process

There are different types of hair translation procedures. It includes-

  • Strip harvesting
  • Follicular unit extraction
  • Manual hair transplant
  • Robotic hair transplant.

Choosing the most advanced hair transplant procedure will automatically cost you higher prices for the hair transplantation process. The two most general and predominant hair transplant techniques include FUT and FUE techniques.

Choosing a skilled and experienced clinician

When one chooses the best hair transplant doctor in Bangalore, it definitely will cost considerably higher than when one chooses a general and comparatively less reputed professional for the procedure.

Considering the different factors regarding hair transplantation, the cost can vary quite considerably. So, it is best to choose the different aspects like the technique, clinic, doctor and the like based on their preference and execution of expenses for the hair trepanation.


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