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Kolkata, often known as the “City of Joy,” is well-known for its diverse culture and rich history. As India’s second-largest city, it attracts visitors from all around the world. The cost of living in this city is significantly lower than in other major cities. However, due to Kolkata’s increasing pollution level, hair loss has become a prevalent concern, contributing to a rise in hair loss among the youth.

Findi the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata and having your hair transplanted by our professional surgeons is the best option  Because our operation ensures permanent results, we are the first choice for most people suffering from baldness.

Get the Hair Transplantation from the Best Doctor

Hair transplantation is the method by which the top specialist of hair transplant clinic in Kolkata redistributes hair follicles from your head’s side and back to the hairless area. The procedure is both safe and effective. The Enhance med Clinic employs cutting-edge procedures to minimize the visibility of the scar at the donor site. The hair transplant clinic in Kolkata have built a position in the market by providing the best hair transplant in India and abroad that is affordable and quick.

You have nothing to worry about when the greatest hair transplant specialist determines the number of sittings you will need for a complete head of hair. Within a week or two, the transplanted hair will begin to look natural and will continue to grow naturally for years to come. Our best hair surgeon, ensures that the process is painless and cheap. As our focus is always on 100% client satisfaction, the hair transplant we provide is the ideal balance of comfort and cost. Before giving you complete information about the surgery and its cost, we schedule an initial meeting to examine the patient’s pattern of baldness.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that reroutes genetically resistant permanent hair from the side and back of the head to the bald area. The hair transplant clinic in Kolkata use modern technology at Enhance med Clinic to provide flawless hair transplantation treatment. Regardless of how strong your genetic family history of baldness is, our professional surgeons have the skills to tackle your condition from the ground up. With the trusted hair transplant clinic in Kolkata on your side, you can expect natural-looking outcomes.

At our hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, we start our patients’ hair restoration treatments with a consultation. Our doctors may order additional tests after the patient’s consultation and examination. The hair transplant clinic in Kolkata team of specialists will provide experienced advice on the surgery and even inform you of the aspects determining the cost of your hair restoration. Our expert team’s surgeries have no negative side effects. Furthermore, there are no age or gender restrictions for our hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant at a Low Cost in Kolkata, India

Hair Transplant Surgery

The days of only the wealthy and well-off being able to afford hair transplant surgery are long gone. A large number of patients are now seeking hair restoration clinics in India as a result of advanced technology. This is because technological advancements have reduced the cost of surgery significantly. Getting a hair transplant in Kolkata is thus accessible to everyone.

As a reputable hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, we specialize in seamless hair transplantation at low pricing. However, you should be aware that the cost of a hair transplant varies from patient to patient. This is because the hair transplant cost is determined by the number of grafts planted and the area to be transplanted. It also depends on your level of baldness, the volume of donor hair available, and the characteristics of your donor area.

The cost of hair transplantation at the hair transplant clinic in Kolkata begins at Rs 50,000 for the initial treatment. We recognize patients’ financial concerns and set the price only after determining the number of grafts required for the surgery. Furthermore, you do not need to be concerned about the quality of medical service when you come to us because we are well-known for providing cost-effective hair transplanting surgery.

Why Should You consult the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata?

Enhance med clinic has been doing hair transplant procedures since 1996 and has over two decades of experience. With our extensive expertise in both FUE and FUT treatments, he specializes in providing his patients with natural-looking outcomes.

Proven Track Record

Our hair transplant clinic in Kolkata his team of professionals have completed over 6000 hair transplant surgeries in India and overseas.

A sizable clientele

Enhance med clinic has conducted hair transplantation in India for several celebrities. His clients include:

  • Tollywood and Bollywood actors.
  • Cricketers.
  • Three former Indian cricket captains.
  • Most current TV analysts.

His operation has greatly benefited every one of his renowned clients.

Why Should You Choose an Enhance med Clinic?

We are proud of our team of surgeons committed to providing the best hair transplantation available. Our specialists have extensive experience in providing safe hair restoration treatments and can provide you with a full head of hair.

Natural-looking outcomes

When you choose our hair restoration procedure, you may be confident that you will have the most natural-looking hairline. Hair transplanted by us is permanent and grows the same way as natural hair. Even if you dye them or clip them, the transplanted hair will eventually grow back.

Reasonable Prices

At Enhance med clinic, we specialize in providing natural-looking hair transplantation surgery at affordable pricing to our patients. Whether you choose the FUT or FUE technique, you will benefit from cost-effective surgeries.

Tailored Hair Loss Treatment

We understand that our patients come from all backgrounds and have varying desires. Thus, before a person chooses our operation, our surgeons investigate the patient’s desires. Our experts at the hair transplant clinic in Kolkata will recommend a treatment plan based on the level of baldness.

No-Pain Procedure

Our experts at hair transplant clinic in Kolkata make every attempt to provide a 100% safe and less intrusive hair restoration procedure. The procedure is performed while asleep, watching television, or listening to music using a local anaesthetic. Throughout the operation, you are kept comfortable.

Doctors with skills and experience

Our specialists and doctors are also knowledgeable in hair and skin therapy, with unique and cutting-edge solutions for hair loss and skin remedies.

Current technology

We offer the greatest hair treatment methods. Enhance med Clinics are spread throughout India and provide world-class doctors, specialists, and personnel, well-equipped architecture, and a comfortable environment.

New instruments

The hair transplant clinic in Kolkata hair treatment and skin treatment operations are conducted by a specific expert in hair transplant specialists and skin specialists. We have been using these specific drugs and procedures for years and are well-known for their excellent results and delighted clientele. At hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, we used cutting-edge devices like implanters, forceps, punches, and motors.


1. Things not to do after completing a hair transplant?

One must ensure not to be highly harsh or brutal on their scalp or the area which has undergone the hair transplantation procedure. Additionally, one must refrain from using various commercial or adult shampoos for washing their hair. Instead, using baby shampoo is the safest and most recommended.

2. How long does the scalp remain sensitive after the hair transplant procedure?

A minimum of a week or two is required for the scalp to regain its normal or general condition after the hair transplantation procedure. It means that the scalp remains sensitive for about 7 to 14 days and must receive optimal care after the hair transplant procedure.

3. What is the safest hair transplant procedure available?

Among the two most common hair transplantation procedures, which are FUT and FUE, the latter is the safest one to resort to. The FUE technique is the Follicular Unit Extraction technique which is rather invasive technique than a traditional one which makes it one of the most reliable and safe techniques for hair transplantation.

4. Does hair transplantation cost a huge sum of money?

The ultimate expenditure for hair transplant depends on several factors, like the quality of the doctor, clinic, type of hair transplantation technique and the like. The more the individual costs of the different factors of the hair transplantation process, the more the expenses will be. Accordingly, the hair transplantation process can be both expensive and optimally affordable.

5. Is the hair transplantation procedure safe?

The hair transplantation procedure has become the most sought remedy for any type of hair fall or the like issues. Also, at the same time, choosing the right technique for hair transplantation, a reliable doctor, and a clinic for the transplantation also contribute to the safety level of the process.

6. When is the best time to choose hair transplantation?

The optimal age for resorting to a hair transplant procedure is when the individual is reaching or has reached the age of 30. It is because hair loss generally slows down and it becomes more predictable, which facilitates the hair transplantation process.

7. Can everyone have a hair transplant?

Any individual having sufficient hair loss, proper donor area for hair, healthy scalp and good health along with achievable execution is suited for a hair transplantation procedure. Also, it is reminded not to resort to hair transplant before the age of 25.

8. What happens in a hair transplant?

In hair transplantation, professionals extract hair follicles from a certain part of the scalp or body. Then they are planted in the necessary area, which requires transplantation through surgery. This process differs slightly from one technique to another.

9. Where does the hair come from in hair transplantation?

The hair for hair transplantation can come from any part of the body, including the appropriate scalp area. The area has to have enough hair for donating, and the person must have good health.

10. Will my hair grow if I transplant it?

The usual possess involves transplantation, then falling out of the hair and then regret of the transplanted hair in the natural process. So, yes, the hair grows after transplantation; only one has to give it the necessary time for regrowth.

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