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Scalp Rejuvenation

What is Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment ?

The most crucial element of healthy hair is probably a healthy Scalp Rejuvenation. The little considered3 scalp needs regular care to stay healthy. Your scalp is made up of layers of tissue, just like the skin on the rest of your body. The outermost layer is made up of cells that are essentially dead tissue and are prepared to shed to show the younger, healthier layers of skin beneath, whilst the lower layers are the healthiest skin your body has ever generated. Sebaceous glands, which create the oil required to maintain the skin on your scalp lubricated, are also present on the skin of your scalp along with hair follicles.

It’s important to regularly clean your Scalp Rejuvenation to get rid of microorganisms, sweat, and extra oil. Depending on your skin type and the area you live in, you may also need to take certain precautions to avoid over-drying and to speed up the skin cell turnover process.

Procedure and Result

First and foremost, the surgeon uses the patient’s own blood to prevent any allergies or hypersensitivity. This process takes 20 to 30 minutes to finish. Platelets, which are part of the blood, contain a chemical called a “growth factor.” It revitalises and stimulates the body’s cells. This method of treatment is superior than fillers, which employ harmful synthetic substances. Platelets promote blood vessel growth, and fresh collagen smoothes out wrinkles to restore a youthful appearance. Treatments can be given at an interval of three to four months. This will give you effective results after Scalp Rejuvenation.

Another method that works well to promote hair development is mesotherapy. Doctors inject proteins, growth factors, and vitamins into the scalp during this procedure. These are injected into the mesoderm, a layer of tissue beneath the skin. It serves as a bridge between the epidermal tissues and the fat layers. This promotes the formation of hair follicles, improves blood flow, and activates cell metabolism, all of which aid in hair growth.

Roll back the years by rejuvenating your scalp!

The scalp is the part of your head that is the seat of your gorgeous mane. Bordered by your face and neck, the scalp is an area that must be taken care of to ensure good scalp health that will, in turn, provide the healthy growth of hair. Infections and injuries to the scalp adversely affect your hair which may result in hair loss or bald spots. 

Scalp rejuvenation is healing the scalp to promote healthy hair growth so you can have your gorgeous hair back and feel confident again! It can be done in different ways: from using platelet-rich plasma to using microneedles, though all of them with the same aim of boosting collagen and slowing down the aging of the scalp. Read on to find out about the various processes and how they can help your scalp. 

The process of rejuvenating the scalp

The process of scalp rejuvenation helps remove dirt, dust, and dead skin cells from the scalp and helps heal damaged tissues and prevent infection. The process essentially consists of using the patient’s very own platelet-rich plasma to stimulate the scalp cells by supplying them with “growth factors.”

This platelet-rich plasma helps to promote the proper blood circulation through the blood vessels in the scalp rejuvenation and also supplies it with fresh collagen that removes signs of aging.

Scalp rejuvenation can also be done by injecting various nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and growth factors into the scalp. This is known as mesotherapy and helps enhance blood flow to the scalp, promotion of hair growth and prevent hair loss. 

The various methods of scalp rejuvenation

Scalp rejuvenation can be done by various different methods. Each of these works towards the same goal:

  • Healing the scalp
  • Improving the blood circulation in the scalp
  • Promoting healthy hair growth

The various different ways in which scalp rejuvenation goals can be reached are as follows:

  • Microneedling- It is the process of using needles to puncture the skin of the scalp to promote the production of collagen. This also helps to activate the stem cells, which improves the health of the scalp and promotes better hair growth.
  • Microchanneling- It is simpler than the process of micro needling but is simpler and is also a non-surgical method. It includes using a channel to produce more collagen in the deeper dermal layers and increase the effect of products that help the scalp.
  • PepFactor- This has become increasingly popular in recent times, including a product made of proteins. It is usually preceded by micro needling, followed by laser light beam treatment which promotes a faster response to the treatment by the hair follicles. PepFactors target the scalp’s fibroblasts, which are cells that constitute the collagen-producing tissues.


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