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Hair Transplant clinic in Pune – Best Cost & Expert Surgeon

Get the best hair transplant in Pune at the Enhanced Medclinics, which has advanced hair transplant treatments that work 100% of the time. The hair transplant clinic in pune has skilled surgeon with a lot of experience in hair transplantation. He gives his patient’s hair transplant results that look natural. Enhance med clinic hair transplant cost in Pune is affordable, and you can be sure it will work.

How to do a Hair Transplant

There are two main ways to transplant hair: FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques.

FUT hair transplant:

FUT is also called the strip method because a strip of hair is taken from the back and sides of the head. The strip is taken from each donor area and cut into smaller pieces. The pieces are given to the technicians, who use video-assisted microscopes to separate each hair root from the strip. The doctor stitches up the donor site to help it heal faster and leave an almost invisible scar. A new method called “trichophytic closure” can reduce scarring. In this method, one side of the cut is made into a bevel, which lets the skin heal together so that there is almost no scarring. The hair roots that have been separated are carefully put back into the bald spot.

If your baldness is severe and you need a lot of hair roots, a FUT hair transplant may be the best option. With this method, you could get between 3000 and 3500 hair roots from a single session.

FUE hair transplant Clinic in Pune:

FUE hair transplant is done by taking one hair root at a time from the donor area and putting it in the place where the hair will grow. Using a tool that looks like a punch, each hair root is picked out of the donor area one by one. A device that looks like a punch is put into the donor skin, and each hair root is then moved to the bald spot. The hair roots taken out are then put back into the bald spot.

FUE hair transplant is a good procedure done at the hair transplant clinic in Pune if you only need a small number of hair roots. This method could pull out 2,000 and 2,500 hair roots in a single session. This method can also be used to do a hair transplant on the face.

FUT and FUE techniques are used together

The combination technique is a new technique that combines FUT and FUE hair transplants into a single session. People choose this method when they need more than 4000 hair grafts, especially if their baldness is very bad. But because it has so many benefits, it can also be a good choice for people with mild baldness.

First, the hair roots are taken out using the FUT hair transplant, which can take out between 3000 and 3500 hair roots. The FUE hair transplant takes out the hair roots that were left behind. This method could give about 1500 hair roots.

This method performed at the hair transplant clinic in Pune has a lot of advantages over the individual methods done on their own. Here’s how to understand them:

This method lets more hair roots be taken, which means that a high-density hair transplant can be done in a single session. With this method, the doctor at the hair transplant clinic in Pune, Enhance med can choose the hair roots based on where they will be put. For a natural look, single hair roots that can be taken out with the FUT method are transplanted in the front line and temporal triangles. Multiple thick hair roots are transplanted in the back rows for a fuller look. This is best done with the FUE hair transplant technique.

Even though this method gives more hair roots, the donor site can be used again. If the hair loss worsens, you should return for more appointments.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair:

PRP hair therapy is a way to stop hair loss without surgery. In this method, your blood stops you from losing more hair and helps new hair grow. The centrifugation process is used to separate the PRP from the blood. The PRP is put into the syringe and injected into the area that needs it. It is known that the growth factors that come out of the platelets help hair grow.

When hair loss starts early, this treatment works. The procedure’s success depends on choosing the right patient and using the right concentration of platelets.

Visit the Enhance med, hair transplant clinic in Pune to learn more about how hair transplants are done and to find out which method is best for you.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Pune Cost?

Even though the cost of a hair transplant at Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune is relatively high, many people still choose to go to Delhi or Jaipur instead. This is because the clinic has such a good reputation that it meets international standards. The treatment price in Delhi and Jaipur is surprisingly low, which could be another reason people travel there for the procedure.

A hair transplant at hair transplant clinic in Pune would cost between 60,000 and 400,000 INR on average. The cost of the procedure is different for each person. The hair transplant clinic in Pune usually decide how much the procedure will cost based on how many hair roots will be used. It would cost you between 40 and 120 INR for each hair graft. Many other things go into figuring out how much the procedure will cost.

Here are a few of the most important things that go into figuring out how much the procedure will cost.

Levels of baldness: The number of hair roots needed for a hair transplant will depend on the level of baldness. The procedure cost would go up as the level of baldness went up.

Expertise and experience of the doctor: The cost of the procedure could depend on how much experience the doctor has. If the doctor at the hair transplant clinic in Pune has more experience, the cost of the procedure might go up.

The clinic’s facilities and infrastructure: Few hair transplant clinic in Pune are well-known for having facilities and results that are on par with those in other countries. These hair transplant clinic in Pune are worth going to, but they are more expensive than the average ones.

The doctor used Techniques: FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant are the two ways to do a hair transplant. Since the FUE method is more complicated and takes more time, it might cost a bit more.

Visit us or talk to us online to find out how much the hair transplant clinic in Pune will cost.


What are the post-operative instructions?

One must ensure not to be highly harsh or brutal on their scalp or the area which has undergone the hair transplantation procedure. Additionally, one must refrain from using various commercial or adult shampoos for washing their hair. Instead, using baby shampoo is the safest and most recommended.

When can you wash your hair?

A minimum of a week or two is required for the scalp to regain its normal or general condition after the hair transplantation procedure. It means that the scalp remains sensitive for about 7 to 14 days and must receive optimal care after the hair transplant procedure.

How common is hair loss?

Alopecia , which is another term for hair loss, is quite common, especially among the older adults. However, even colder and others, irrespective of their age can experience hair loss.

Is hair transplantation expensive?

The ultimate expenditure for hair transplant depends on several factors, like the quality of the doctor, clinic, type of hair transplantation technique and the like. The more the individual costs of the different factors of the hair transplantation process, the more the expenses will be. Accordingly, the hair transplantation process can be both expensive and optimally affordable.

Does the procedure hurt?

The hair transplantation procedure has become the most sought remedy for any type of hair fall or the like issues. Also, at the same time, choosing the right technique for hair transplantation, a reliable doctor, and a clinic for the transplantation also contribute to the safety level of the process. The person’s area of transplanting remains completely under anesthesia and thus, ice prince no pain.

Am I a good candidate for hair transplantation surgery?

The optimal age for resorting to a hair transplant procedure is when the individual is reaching or has reached the age of 30. It is because hair loss generally slows down and it becomes more predictable, which facilitates the hair transplantation process.

Who is a candidate for transplantation?

Any individual having sufficient hair loss, proper donor area for hair, healthy scalp and good health along with achievable execution is suited for a hair transplantation procedure. Also, it is reminded not to resort to hair transplant before the age of 25.

Is male pattern or female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) caused by anything I am doing? What about high stress levels or the type of shampoo I use?

Many factors can contribute to androgenetic alopecia, one of them being the aspect of genetic prediction towards this issue. Alos, taking excessive stress in everyday life and using shampoos containing harmful substances like sulfates, wax and the like can potentially lead to hair loss.

Will I be able to swim and enjoy other physical activities with my new hair?

Yes, you can definitely swim and enjoy all other physical activities with your new transplanted air, although, you will have to wait for at least a week for your scalp to become less entice and regain its former condition after the surgery.

Will my transplanted hair eventually fall out?

The usual possess involves transplantation, then falling out of the hair and then regret of the transplanted hair in the natural process. So, yes, the hair grows after transplantation; only one has to give it the necessary time for regrowth.

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